While 4/20 is under some attack in Boulder, Colorado, with authorities shutting down the University of Colorado campus to visitors, some area citizens are using the celebration (and the national attention) to spread information about the upcoming ballot initiative Amendment 64, which if it passes would essentially decriminalize adult possession of marijuana and pave the way for establishing regulated non-medical framework for the cultivation, dispensing, and sale of marijuana.

Among the actions being taken by supporters of Amendment 64, according to The Huffington Post, “will include full-page ads in multiple publications calling for the end of marijuana prohibition, educating people on the ground about the ballot initiative, registering them to vote, and even planes flying overhead with banners calling for an end to the overall drug war that is arguably built upon the criminalization of marijuana use.” How the supporters will exactly make their presence on campus felt (especially in light of the warnings about police) is yet to be seen, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it is through students that this campaign is led. Regardless, the opportunity to educate and motivate 10,000 potential voters doesn’t happen every day.

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Although young people are directly effected by the issue, with “83% of marijuana arrestees in Colorado under 29 years old,” advocates will also attempt to appeal to potential voters’ economic concerns. “Colorado, for example, currently spends upwards of $70 million every year to enforce marijuana prohibition, while forgoing upwards of $20 million in tax revenue that could be raised every year by regulating this commodity.” That’s a lot of money, especially considering the economic turmoil currently experienced in the state, and across the country.

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2012 marks the 75th year of marijuana prohibition in the United States and the 95th year of prohibition in Colorado. And, while 4/20 will undoubtably be a lot of fun for the pot smokers of Boulder, Colorado, the day should also serve as the beginning of a long push toward November and the potential end of marijuana prohibition.

Do you support Amendment 64 to end marijuana prohibition in Colorado? Do you think 4/20 should just be fun or is it a day to tackle social issues?