State marshal Alan Freedman of Norwalk, Connecticut was charged with felony marijuana possession with intent to distribute on Tuesday after being busted with over a quarter-pound of pot.  

Like so many before him, the 58-year-old Freedman was done in by a simple traffic violation after Norwalk PD Sgt. David O’Connor pulled him over for running a red light. 

The Must Try legend.

Apparently, being a state marshal in Connecticut doesn’t carry too much cache, as Sgt. O’Connor called in a drug dog despite Freedman flashing his marshal’s badge after the traffic stop.  

The pot-sniffing pooch alerted the officers that cannabis was in Freedman’s vehicle and a search turned up 4.8 ounces of weed and even more incriminating evidence – a digital scale, empty plastic baggies, and a sack of cannabis seeds. The Norwalk PD also confiscated nine pot pipes containing smoked residue from Freedman, who only became a free man after posting $10,000 bond.

Despite the appellation, state marshals are not state employees but rather are hired when either the state or local government or private interests require marshals to serve civil court proceedings or enforce judgment collections. 

Doug Rinaldi of the State Marshal Commission told The News-Times that the organization is in the process of making a determination regarding Freedman’s future as a state marshal. It would seem Freedman has bigger concerns right now than wondering if he’ll slap an eviction notice on some renter’s door ever again.



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