It is important to note that YouTube ignored LEAP’s 1st place marijuana question, instead asked Obama about playing tennis…

Here is the real winner

Retired LAPD deputy chief of police Stephen Downing asks President Obama about the growing support for marijuana legalization among voters. Stephen is a member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, which anyone can join for free at, or Law Enforcement Against Prohibition –

The Must Try legend.


His advisors are probably telling him that saying anything about this issue will give the Republican candidate something to rally behind. After 6 more months of “Obama wants your children to smoke the devil’s weed” a lot of formerly open-minded conservative types would probably drink the kool aid.

Our best and only hope (IMHO) of Obama doing anything good for us is AFTER the election, when he has nothing to lose. (And I’ve little hope that it will happen then, truth be told.)