Weed - Critical Super Silver Haze: Strain Review and Photos

This burst of sunshine in the weed world is known as Critical Super Silver Haze [CSSH] and is another in the long lineage, of wonderfully light headed sativa strains. Many view her as a new school genetic, a sativa with those expected and splendid sativa elevations – and a high yield indica production.

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Critical Super Silver Haze was developed by the different weed seed breeders around the world. A feminized marijuana strain – CSSH enjoys the genetic ability to throw on quick flower weight in the last two weeks of her cycle (Mid Oct- West Coast Outdoors). Most that have had the pleasure of growing Critical Super Silver Haze, would tell you that this new entrant into the sativa world provides a fantastic dense bud and a super high yield come the October harvest moon.

CSSH is one of the more resinous marijuana strains I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Word to the wise, check to make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction to marijuana resin before you start to work with this strain. I have seen a couple of manicurist break out with swollen red eye’s from the resin content on these ladies. The flower structure tends to have a lack of symmetry, in comparison to working with straight up indica’s, but the diverse shapes, colors and scents that can manifest within this strain is amazing. The Critical Super Silver Haze flowers, when tested tend to show that they contain about 23 Percent THC. The CSSH marijuana strain is quickly becoming famous for producing a highly enraptured state, yet perfectly functional.

In my experience the CSSH marijuana strain has shown itself to be appropriate for either indoor hydroponic grows, or outdoor large scale gardens. Any time there is an outdoor garden the variables are huge, but as a generality you can expect to yield from you outdoor garden, per plant around up to 1 – 2 pounds per plant. On the west coast (CA) the last freeze is generally around Feb15th, any time after that you can take your starts out, then by the end of October, under the warm harvest moon, its time.  Indoors, in a hydroponics system, the CSSH genetics tend to want around 12 weeks to mature.

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