Super Snowdog – Chemdog, Doghouse Seeds

Marijuana grow tutorial for beginners.

The fastest-finishing and sweetest-tasting of all the amazing Chemdog family of strains, the Super Snowdog just might be the true “holy grail” of pot varieties as well as an instant connoisseur’s choice. Hard to find, this strain grows incredibly frosty as it finishes and fills out quite nicely when given enough room. I have to admit that this would be my desert-island choice if I was ever faced with that daunting decision.

As for the breeding lineage, Chem tells me: “The Snowdog is the Oregon Snow male crossed with the Mass Superskunk. Then a male from that cross was chosen to pollinate the Bubble Chem (Chemdog Sister x Sagarmatha’s Blueberry). The result of that cross became the Super Snowdog.” He recommends growing it in at least 5-gallon containers and vegging for a full month to get well over a quarter-pound per plant.

Like a Gunshot blast!

Lineage: (Oregon Snow male x Mass Superskunk) x Bubble Chem (Sagarmatha Blueberry x Chemdog Sister) 

Flowering time: 8 weeks