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What a difference a week makes… Now is when things start getting interesting, the little buds have doubled in size and their supporting branches are ever so slowly getting taller. As I said in an earlier post, these girls were put into 12/12 while under the induction lamps (about 2-1/2 weeks), I had no noticeable stretch. When I had to replace the lighting with LED, I thought I might get a stretch going… but nope. I’ve raised the lights a bit higher, just to make the girls reach a bit more for the intense light.

Marijuana grow tutorial for beginners.

Medical Marijuana Grow - Nirvana's "Blackberry" medical strain.

So begins week 3 of bloom and they are finally starting to hit their stride!

After a bit of rough handling, shock from sub 59ºF temperatures in the reservoir and trying to get the bloom nutrients dialed in, the 2 plants are growing by a noticeable amount, daily.
Aromas are minimal, the little trichomes forming now, offer up a delicate touch followed by a faint hint of oily indica.

Early medical cannabis buds on a Sativa-Indica Hybrid grown under LED grow lights

Two little budlings from plant #2 (left side of reservoir) under the Pro-Grow 90w.


Can't tell which plant this is, but it's in the middle of the screen.


Week 3 in bloom, perhaps 8 weeks more to go... But it will be worth it!

More from the middle screen, this is plant #2 (Nirvana Blackberry)

Buds form on a young medical marijuana plant.

Early trichomes emerge on a baby bud from the far right of the screen (Plant #1)