The hand on the long arm of the DEA received a nice slap by the US Supreme Court in January, when they found out that a Kentucky State Trooper had pulled over Robert Dale Lee (49-year-old ) on the  I – 75 back in September 2011.  Robert Dale Lee had every reason to be suspicious of the troopers knowledge that his GPS tagged truck, which was carrying over 150 pounds of marijuana, had fallen deep down the rabbit hole of the judicial system. As it turns out the DEA had been tailing Lee’s truck electronically from “sweet home” Chicago utilizing a laws enforcements newest best friend.

Well, as it turns out our would be marijuana mule has a guardian angel up in heaven. A federal judge has just ruled that the apprehended pot was sticky with inadmissibility concerns. It appears that in their overzealous rush to bust this criminal of epic proportion, the DEA as well as Kentucky State Troopers neglected to get a search warrant for placing the GPS on his truck.

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“In this case, the DEA agents had their fishing poles out to catch Lee,” Thapar wrote. “Admittedly, the agents did not intend to break the law. But, they installed a GPS device on Lee’s car without a warrant in the hope that something might turn up. [source]“

Recently our U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the DEA and local law enforcement’s use of GPS tracking devices in unwarranted investigation was a violation of the 4th Amendment. The Fourth Amendment is our protection against unreasonable searches and seizures from law enforcement.