Trippy Seattle SkylineWant to watch the 4/20 debate at Seattle City Hall, but can’t get there in person? TheWashington Safe Cannabis Act will be livestreaming the event so you can watch it happen and replay the highlights again! We’ll be posting the livestream link on the website so you won’t miss a thing. Keep watching for more information soon!

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Link to LiveStream Page

The Cannabis Defense Coalition is proud to present:
I-502 Debate at Seattle City Hall
* No on 502 – John Toker, Sensible Washington Communications Coordinator
* Yes on 502 – Alison Holcomb, New Approach Washington Director
* Moderator – Ben Livingston, Cannabis Defense Coalition Executive Director

This debate is not over whether or not we should legalize marijuana, but how we should. The I-502 Initiative has been quite polarizing for the pro-cannabis community, but if anything it has shown how far we’ve come. We’re so close to turning the tide, we now need to have some real discussions on how to truly get us there. And what does “there” even look like?

The CDC’s I-502 Debate at Seattle City Hall will be a respectful debate and we expect the audience to practice respect and restraint as well – we have a lot to cover in 2 hours. We also hope people will leave with a better understanding of each side’s positions and a respect for each other regardless of position.

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* When: Friday, April 20, 2012, at 7:00 p.m. sharp! (That’s Pacific Daylight Savings Time for those of you in other areas of the world!)
* Where: Seattle City Hall, 600 4th Ave in Seattle

Courtesy The Washington State Safe Cannabis Act