When you hear the term “medical cannabis” your mind may conjure up a few familiar images but it’s highly doubtful that taxes, legislation and health care are among them. But tune in to Weed Wars Thursday, December 1 at 10PM E/P on Discovery and explore issues of the medicinal cannabis business that few ever consider. Weed Wars isn’t about opinions or issues– this is the first time a weekly series takes an up close and personal look at the reality of running a controversial medicinal cannabis business.

Weed Wars will take you to Oakland’s Harborside Health Center, the nation’s largest medicinal cannabis dispensary serving over 94,000 patients. Harborside’s founder and executive director Steve DeAngelo has the mission of providing the best possible product to his diverse client base of patients while using his business to educate the rest of the country about the full regulation and taxation of medicinal cannabis. When California voters passed the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 legalizing medicinal cannabis, it ignited a national firestorm while providing an opening for a whole new kind of health care business.

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Weed Wars is a unique inside look at the medical cannabis issue. You’ll get a rare view of the business and its challenges from the perspective of both distributors and the patients they serve. You’ll meet folks who have switched careers in mid-life to take advantage of this swing in holistic medicine. Weed Wars pulls back the curtain for the first time on the day-to-day workings of a world that few viewers have ever seen.

Weed Wars Premieres Thursday, December 1 at 10PM E/P

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