Can you imagine how many people suffered with an illness or some type of pain all the time they were waiting for government approval of something that should be legal to begin with.

My question is: How many states have to have medical marijuana before it goes legal. Why should only the dying, and ill-fated people have access to pot, why not legalize it so everyone can enjoy the benefits of medical marijuana, not just the sick. It sounds like it would be more profitable to just legalize it so the government can make a bunch of extra money to fight more serious drugs.

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Legalization of marijuana is way past due. PLEASE take the time to write your government respresentives and tell them that it’s time to legalize marijuana for all americans to benefit from, not just the people who have serious illnesses, or chrotic pain.

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God gave it to us all, and we should all be entitled to legalized marijuana. Isn’t it time to stop the bullshit and give the people what they want. Legalized marijuana,
help make it happen, we all have to do our share. So get that pencil or pen out and write your letter, do your part in making it happen. God knows it will take us all working together to force our poorly educated government to do what the people want.