P.E.I. MP Wayne Easter was among the 77 per cent of Liberals who voted in favour of legalizing and regulating marijuana at the party’s policy convention in Ottawa on the weekend.

The resolution says a new Liberal government would legalize marijuana and regulate and tax its production.

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“The drug laws that we have in Canada are not working. And we are seeing more and more people, young people who may be just experimenting, and they’ll have a criminal record and their lives will be virtually destroyed,” said Easter.

“What we are talking about is small amounts of marijuana. I think it is where the young generation is at. This strictly came out of the youth.

They know what’s happening on the ground with young people. They know how their lives can be destroyed.”

The policy calls for strict penalties for illegal trafficking, grow-ops and impaired driving.

Interim leader Bob Rae said the party would have to look into the practicalities of legalizing marijuana before it became an official party policy.

Like a Gunshot blast!

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