Nirvana Eldorado Mexican Sativa
An old school pic of an old school Oaxacan landrace Mexican sativa

I’m very excited to report that we are doing a new grow with Nirvana Seeds featuring their Eldorado Mexican Sativa strain, who’s roots trace all the way back to Oaxaca, Mexico. This Mexican Sativa landrace has been backcross several generations, keeping it as pure a sativa as possible with a crisp, sharp and inspiring high.

Even back in the day, of all the marijuana from Mexico it was the region of Oaxaca that produced a legend. Some coined marijuana from Oaxaca “the” strain of the late 60’s and early 70’s. By 1985, true landrace Oaxaca genetics were found world wide and became the founding genetics for many modern “Haze” strains of today.

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Mexican Michoacan Marijuana

Mexican Michoacan Marijuana

Mexican strains are thought of as tall, upright plants of moderate to large size with light to dark green, large leaves. The leaves are made up of long, medium width, moderately serrated leaflets arranged in a circular array. The plants mature relatively early in comparison to strains from Colombia or Thailand and produce many long floral clusters with a high calyx-to-leaf ratio and highly cerebral psychoactivity. Michoacan strains tend to have very slender leaves and a very high calyx-to-leaf ratio as do Guerreran strains, but Oaxacan strains tend to be broader-leafed, often with leafier floral clusters. Oaxacan strains are generally the largest and grow vigorously, while Michoacan strains are smaller and more delicate. Guerreran strains are often short and develop long, upright lower limbs. Seeds from most Mexican strains are fairly large, ovoid, and slightly flattened with a light colored grey or brown, unmottled perianth. Smaller, darker, more mottled seeds have appeared in Mexican marijuana during recent years. This may indicate that hybridization is taking place in Mexico, possibly with introduced seed from the largest seed source in the world, Colombia. No commercial seeded Cannabis crops are free from hybridization and great variation may occur in the offspring. More recently, large amounts of hybrid domestic seed have been introduced into Mexico. It is not uncommon to find Thai and Afghani phenotypes in recent shipments of Cannabis from Mexico.

Classic Mexican Marijuana Phenotype

Classic Mexican Marijuana Phenotype (100% Sativa)

It is in dispute as to whether or not true Mexican landrace genetics still exist in the wild today, as many cartel grow operations across have brought in genetics from the Netherlands and elsewhere in an attempt to improve their harvests & quality. As mentioned previously, Nirvana’s Eldorado is a remarkable Cannabis Sativa originating from the Oaxaca region of Mexico. Nirvana has been selectively backcrossing this marijuana landrace for at least a dozen generations. Eldorado provides a crisp, sharp and inspiring high that is rarely found in other cannabis strains. The quality of Nirvana Eldorado smoke is the stuff of marijuana legends!

Meet Eldorado

Mexican Sativa

Nirvana’s hidden gem?. Roja-haired sativa beauty?. Giant main cola?. Strong psychedelic high?. Connaisseur smoke?.

Being a subtropic Sativa, the flowering period of the Eldorado mexican marijuana variety is quite long, between 11 and 13 weeks (77 – 90+) days to reach full maturity, making Eldorado a good strain for “gradual harvesting” starting with the top and other mature buds, then harvesting the lower less mature buds a week or two later, as they mature fully.

I’ve read in forums that certain Eldorado phenotypes can produce fluffy and light buds, making Eldorado a poorly suited strain for commercial growers. However, for the connoisseur it is the quality of Eldorado’s harvested buds that make it so sought after.

Medically there is much promise too:

Treatable Symptoms & Conditions
Bipolar Disorder


Nirvana's Eldorado Mexican Marijuana

Set the Eldorado seeds in soil Thursday, and by Sunday I had sprouts!

Here we grow again…