This is a pictorial update of our Nirvana Eldorado grow. It’s been an inconsistent long while since I’ve updated how the Eldorado plants have been doing.

They’ve been doing well!

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Day 19 from seed, Nirvana Eldorado

Day 19 from seed, Nirvana Eldorado

Eldorado mexican marijuana seedling

Eldorado #2, at day 31 from seed.

Mexican cannabis strain Eldorado

Eldorado plant #1

Nirvana Seed's Mexican Marijuana Strain Eldorado

Nirvana Seed’s Eldorado Mexican Marijuana Strain, day 54 from seed, Plant #2.

Eldorado from Nirvana Seeds

Nirvana Eldorado, Plant #1

Nirvana's Eldorado, Mexican Sativa

Nirvana’s Eldorado, Mexican Sativa, week 11 from seed, day 27 bloom.

Eldorado budding side branch

Nirvana’s Eldorado has no shortage of trichomes!

Eldorado side bud, day 27 bloom.

Eldorado side bud, day 27 bloom.

Eldorado Bud, Mexican Sativa

Close up of the main top, on our Eldorado.

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Nirvana's Eldorado

Eldorado Main Cola, day 27 bloom.

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