Nirvana's Eldorado Mexican Strain

Nirvana’s Eldorado Mexican Strain, week 6 of bloom

A quick update on my little Nirvana Seed’s Eldorado grow… We’re into week 6 of bloom in these pics and Eldorado has been a solid performer. Strong fast vegetative growth, and she went into bloom without a hitch. Thus far a very easy strain to grow.

Maybe not the easiest strain to maintain in a smaller space, I chose to let the first few grow their natural shape, a classic “mexican christmas tree”.  But with some trimming, super cropping, or LST I think you could get very respectable harvest yields.

Eldorado Marijuana Strain

Lower buds forming nicely

 Eldorado Mexican Marijuana

Side buds covered in trichomes!

There are no airy buds here, everything is solid, though the nodes are stretchy and the bud sites develop best on the branch tips


Eldorado strain from Nirvana Seeds

Eldorado strain produces beautiful colas!

The main colas are gorgeous. Again, I think some LST may provide plants with multiple tops. We will see here shortly as I have begun the process of LST on a vegging Eldorado.

Eldorado is a beautiful strain to see & smell while growing!

Eldorado is a beautiful strain to see & smell while growing!

Nirvana Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds

Trichome production is very impressive! On par with many “White Strains”, the sticky trichomes even cover larger fan leaves. If brushed against or messed with, the sticky trichomes give way to a sweet, sweet aroma.

I wouldn’t be surprised if these go 11 – 12 weeks, which would mean 6 more weeks of bloom. If the current growth rate keep up even for 3 more weeks, I cannot begin to think ow what they’ll look like.