by Abby Rogers


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The fight to legalize drugs has been a long one.

Medical marijuana dispensaries have existed in California for years and just a few months ago The Atlantic speculated legalizing marijuana might be President Barack Obama’s secret weapon.

Quora user recently asked police officers what they think about legalizing drugs. Our favorite answer came from Justin Freeman, a former patrol officer who is now a sitting pastor.

For the sake of the question, Freeman said his answers apply to “illicit drugs commonly sold on the street.”

Freeman calls himself a “deeply conflicted person” citing the fact that he was raised on a farm, went to college in a city, and then moved to a mid-size city before moving again to a smaller city.

Despite his insistence his answer is about harder drugs, Freeman wastes no time attacking marijuana.

“I despise marijuana. Other than meth, it has got to be, on balance, the filthiest drug on the street,” he said on Quora. “If you buy from a typical low level dealer, I can almost guarantee that your product has been inside a sock.”

That being said, he would legalize it.

“However, if I had a policymaking throw switch, I would legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana,” Freeman wrote on Quora. “Yes, even for recreational use – let’s just skip the charade of faux glaucoma and Generalized Anxiety Disorder epidemics.”

Sticky, sweet-smelling sublime bud!

By way of explanation, Freeman said arresting people for marijuana-related offenses is a “monumental waste” and cited the tax revenue that could be gained from legalization.

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