In the short time I’ve had the Afghan Kush and Nirvana’s Eldorado under Hydroponics Hut’s Pro Grow X5-600  the bud growth and density have kicked up, but even better – the trichome production is off the charts!

Nirvana Eldorado in bloom

Nirvana Eldorado in bloom

The Must Try legend.

Granted as the plant’s buds mature they get bigger, but in this case the pace of new pistils (white hairs) appearing in conjunction with additional trichomes is very impressive and hard to miss.

Trichome coated buds

Eldorado (left), Afghan Kush (right).

In the above pic, both strains (Eldorado on the left, Afghan Kush to the right) Fan leaf and bud alike are coated in trichomes.

Eldorado from Nirvana Seeds

Nirvana’s Eldorado up close

In short time the Pro Grow X5-600 has really impressed us with it’s ability to deliver HID intensity combined with LED’s improved spectra, it is a winning combination thus far!

Grow Weed Easy!

Afghan Kush buds under a Pro Grow X5-600

Afghan Kush and the Pro Grow X5-600 LED kicking out sticky trichomes

Check back soon as we start our official Pro Grow X5-600 journal…