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2012 Hydro

Grow Report
Danny Danko and hydroponics expert Erik Biksa provide the latest information on growing marijuana without soil, and reveal must-have products that produce explosive growth and huge yields.


The Concentrate Revolution
Butane honey oil (BHO) brings hash into the 21st century, and carries with it a whole new array of slang and devices.

By Bobby Black


Family Values
A Colorado family, with four generations of legal pot users, brings in their fall harvest.

By Dan Skye


Nutrient Basics
Our good friend and longtime contributor Mary Ought Six brings her grow expertise to the Cultivation Dept., detailing for beginners the benefits, pitfalls and nuances associated with pumping up gardens with today’s market nutrients.


UV Light Pot Potency
In this examination of ultraviolet (UV) light and its effects on THC production, author Greg Green goes in-depth to figure out whether the hype behind supplemental UV lighting is legit or overrated.


High Times Interview with Kevin McKernan
By mapping the cannabis genome, Medicinal Genomics founder Kevin McKernan hopes to unlock the mysteries of marijuana’s DNA. By Chris Simunek

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