A hearing has been ordered in the voting rights case brought by medical marijuana patients against the federal government.

U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Guilford set March 26 to hear arguments regarding whether federal authorities should be enjoined from sending letters ordering the closure of medical marijuana collectives in Costa Mesa, California.

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The patients in the case allege they have been denied the right to vote on medical marijuana legalization despite Congress’s December, 2009 decision to grant that right to Washington D.C. voters.

A team of likeminded attorneys has now started working cooperatively to defend disabled patients rights on this case and additional suits.

Commenting on the importance of the right to vote, Charles Farano, an attorney in the case, said, “when Congress gives one group of citizens the right to vote on something, it is inappropriate to deny that same voting right to others.”

The case, James v. United States, was filed by Farano, David Welch, and attorney Matthew Pappas on behalf of patients who allege loss of access to medical cannabis after federal letters were sent ordering the shutdown of all collectives in Lake Forest and Costa Mesa, both cities in Orange County, California.

The patients are asking the court to prohibit the federal government from ordering the shutdown of collectives properly operating under state law.

Like a Gunshot blast!

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