(From L to R) Stacy Stetler, 29, with great-grandmother Mary Ann Montoya, 98, her father Michael Stetler, 56, and grandmother Lucy Teague, 76.

The Must Try legend.


When Executive Editor Dan Skye visited Marisol Therapeutics in Pueblo, CO, he knew that he would be seeing a sizable garden. Marisol is of one of Colorado’s top dispensaries and Michael Stetler, who oversees Marisol’s operations, has been growing top-grade ganja for years. Michael casually mentioned that four generations of his family are legal medical marijuana users. Dan knew that he was onto something momentous. He asked Michael’s family to pose in the Marisol garden.  

“I don’t think any other such photo exists anywhere,” Dan says. “Four generations of legal users in a garden? That’s historic! How can you argue against marijuana in shots like these?”

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