1st Bubble Grow + LEDs + Blue Mystic Autos


Nirvana Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds

(the one on the lower right has my eyes…)

Day 7

Day 11 – Weird stuff, Odd branching growth from the cotyledon/stem union.

Day 12 – Gave them 25% nutrients in the reservoir at day 10, about 4 days too early. No damage done, but Top-Right and Low-Right wilted and struggle to keep up, by day 12 began kicking in to grow mode.

Day 16

Day 19 – 20, Before the Hydroponics Hut Pro-Grow 180W

Day 22-24, After the Hydroponics Hut Pro-Grow 180W. As rapidly as the starts were growing on their own, the difference of the improved PG-180 was hard to deny.

Day 25 – I was doing a reservoir change and I needed a little room to clean the tent up a bit. During this time there was a break in the weather and I placed them in a room with sunlight. They got to chill for about 20 min in the sunlight, it made me kind of sad that this was the first and probably only time they would ever see the actual sun.