Switched to the”Bloom” nutrients at yesterday’s reservoir change, as they should begin flowering anytime soon…

Pic form middle Earth… Root’s looking happy!

Sticky, sweet-smelling sublime bud!

While doing a replacement of the nutrients and cleaning reservoir, pumps & filter, the girls are out of the tent letting their roots air in the transfer bin. They really seem to like it.

Even the glass, casing & fans on the Pro-Grow LEDs get cleaned weekly too.

Fresh, pH’d nutrients bubble away as hungry roots await.

Back in the cleaned reservoir, ready to return to the tent.

From what I’ve read, Blue Mystic Autos generally start obvious blooming between weeks 3-5. I am not counting on it, heading into week 5 and other than pre-flowers and what I thought was stretching, there are no floral spikes developing yet.

I am beginning to look at reducing the light cycle (16/8?, or maybe even lower?) and try to get things started. – Any thoughts on this? Or, what about a 36hr dark cycle prior to reducing the lights?

My other concern is that as Indica dominant plants go, these are looking great! Oddly, Blue Mystic is a Sativa dominant strain. I know there are phenotype variations, but all five seeds?

What I think of when I hear Blue Mystic… (This is a B.M. Auto from someone else’s grow)

how to grow weed

It is what it is, so long as they’re healthy and happy, then I’m happy!

And a big thank you to everyone here! I appreciate all the comments and tips, I look forward to being able to pay it forward!