Dec 12, 2010

Hi everyone!

I hope this installment finds you all well!

Well, we’re calling it. The Blue Mystic Autos are “no go” on the auto. 
We’re entering into week 7 and no sign of auto-flowering. Bloom nutrients in the tank for two weeks, and lights at 16/8. Nodes are still tight, growth good. We will be dropping the light cycle down to 14/10 to see if that is enough to trigger any photosensitive flowering traits. If not, 13/11 the following week and so on.

Reservoir change this morning, had issues locating & disconnecting the water pump. Roots are so thick, they’ve devoured the pump & manifold.

Grow Weed Easy!

While they were out I did a little wire & bend to get the canopy mostly even-ish. For perspective, hidden in the midst of leaves is a 2 liter 7-Up bottle.

Beyond that, we’re good!