I did notify the seed supplier and here is the response we got back from Nirvana regarding the Blue Mystic Autos not Autoing…

Thanks for your message. We have heard from several customers that when they changed the light cycle to 12/12 the plants started to flower. However this is not a guarantee, because loads of other customers tried it without any effect.

The autoflowers have been a true nightmare for both us and our customers. We have stopped selling these for several months now. If you want us to, we can resend the seeds to you (ordinary femininzed seeds) or perhaps credit your account if you are not happy with the results so far.

We have seen the craziest mutant autoflower plants come by, so I have no idea if this id indica or sativa anymore 🙁

We are very sorry for the inconvenience, and please get back to me about how you want to be compensated.

Can I just say that Nirvana is a top notch, customer service oriented company. I’ve always been pleased with the service and results.

Like a Gunshot blast!

My original message:


I am sad to report my Blue Mystic Autos, while all 5 beautiful, healthy, female Indicas, are entering into week 7, other than declaring sex via pre-flowers, they show no signs of flowering.
This is not a complaint, just a heads up on my experience.

  • Original lighting was 18/6, now on 16/8.
  • Growing in hydro.Week 1, no nutrients. Week 2-3 grow nutes. current, bloom nutrients.
  • Avg temp: Day – 22ºC, Night – 17ºC
  • They are all about 48 – 60 cm. and I’m running out of space.
  • The only grow item I deviated on from your recommendations, was to use grow nutrients at week 1 and 2 (suggested to my by a successful nirvana auto grower), then kick into full bloom nutrients mid week 3.
  • Should I drop the light cycle further to 14/10? or 12/12?

Lastly, the Blue Mystic Autos are listed on their page as being “Predominantly Sativa”, but the photoperiod Blue Mystics are “Predominantly Indica”. Do they differ?