Farmer’s Log: Start date Nov 1, 2010

3′ x 2′ x 5′ Mylar tent.
190 cfm fan + Carbon filter
2 – circulation fans

Grow guide for marijuana beginners.

Medium: Stealth Hydro Bubbleponics (6 gallon)
Nutrients: Stealth Hydro

Lighting (270 watts total):
1 – Hydroponics Hut’s Pro-Grow 180w LED
1 – Hydroponics Hut’s 90w H.O. UFO

Plant Genetics:
Blue Mystic Feminized Autos (Nirvana)

Modus Operandi:
This is my second grow ever. First with bubbles, and first with auto flower seeds.

I just want to prove that…

1. The Nirvana seeds are indeed female and autoflowering. There are many rumors abuzz about the quality of them and autos in general, there were purchased after Nirvana returned them to stock after a confirmed quality issue with the breeder. Shortly after these seeds were removed from stock again amid rumors.

Like a Gunshot blast!

2. With a modest investment in equipment and a little research, anyone (allowed by law) can grow their own, top quality medicine safely, easily & efficiently.

But mostly, I just want to see how hard I can push the plants & equipment to get as much possible quality harvest as allowed by nature.