We’re on week 4 with the Hydroponics Hut ‘Pro-Grow 260’ LED grow light.
As it turned out, our Northern Light Autoflower seeds (now on day 32 from seed) ran into early issues. I did some troubleshooting, and NLA #1 & #1 are now recovered (read on for the solution) and eagerly catching up to where they should be at one month. Now that things are dialed in with the Pro-Grow 260 in Full Spectrum mode, let’s grow!

In the Veg-Tent

In just 1 month under the Hydroponics Hut “Pro-Grow 260” LED grow light, we have matured out 2 large Jock Horror seedlings, 1 Blue Mystic seedling, and 2 8 inch tall Jock horror cuttings, all to the Bloom-Room. and have begun blooming our Blue Mystic Auto. Just knowing you have your lighting dialed-in give you the peace-of-mind to focus on keeping the other elements of the grow happy as well, pH, soil, roots… We cracking seeds and slicing up some cuttings and churning out mature plants ready for blooming at 12/12 as well as blooming our autoflowers in the Veg-Tent. The perpetual veg/harvest machine begins – Imagine just one light to crank out seedlings and cuttings, all the while blooming buds in the very same tent. Sweet!

The Must Try legend.

Indoor marijuana garden, under LED grow lights

Veg-Cam, June 23, 2011: 4 autoflower plants, 1 mystery and 2 blackberry cuttings.

Since going to the Full Spectrum mode on the Pro-Grow 260 LED grow light, our Blue Mystic offspring #1 (our surprise autoflower) has been easily hitting about 2-3 inches of growth a day. Across the board, the growth boom is consistent in all the cuttings as well. The pics here don’t do it justice.

Autoflower marijuana plant in bloom

Day 10 Bloom, Day 38 from seed: BMO #1 - Rapid accelerated growth, but one of the strangest looking plants.

Blue Mystic Autoflower

Day 11 Bloom, Day 39 from seed. BMO #1, Blue Mystery Autoflower


Early on I had issues with the first two Northern Light Autoflower sprouts, they were very temperamental and didn’t seem to grow much, if at all. I did a lot of research into the C. Ruderalis species (the autoflower side of the cannabis family) and theorized that based on its native growing environment (cold, arid), they have a higher sensitivity to high humidity & (over)watering.

Two autoflower marijuana seedlings

Two Northern Light Autoflower plants, NLA #2 (blue), NLA #1 (red) Day 32 from seed.

Like a Gunshot blast!

I have since changed up the root medium on the 2 Northern Light auto seedlings to less loam and more sand/silica for drainage. They responded within 2 days. Now they too, have really picked up under the full spectrum to the point that they are salvageable. Because they were very stunted at the 3-4 weeks old , I feared they would either die, or just bloom at that size. They are now in an aggressive growth spurt and have yet to begin to bloom, or even declare gender, so we should still be able to get some size out of them prior to blooming –  The auto grow goes on!

Pic of NLA #2 from 11 days earlier »


Meanwhile what was learned from NLA #1 & 2,  NLA #3, the 3rd Northern Light Autoflower is thriving and should be far ahead of it’s older siblings in a matter of days. I’ve given it a priority spot and placed it in its final home, a 3 gallon Smart Pot. The other start, BMO #3, the 3rd “house seed” of 13 seeds should be transplanted to a larger pot in a day or so, I was hoping to be able to hold out long enough to tell if it will be an auto or not.

Medical marijuana seedlings

Top: Blue Mystic Offspring #3. Bottom: Northern Light Autoflower (NLA #3)

Nirvana Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds

Lastly, in a testament to how well the Pro-Grow LEDs will grow plants in vegetation, these Blackberry cuttings have exploded to the point that we are having to take cuttings every 4 -7 days to keep their size in check. I had intentionally potted them in small (1 gal) fabric pots to keep their growth at bay, for now.

Nirvana seeds, staight from the source!

Rooted marijuana cuttings

Two Blackberry cuttings thriving under full spectrum LED lighting.