We’ve spent one week with the Hydroponics Hut Pro-Grow 260 LED grow light. In this time we’ve sprouted our Northern Light Autoflower seeds (They’re on day 3), cleaned & set-up the area and filled it with plants eager to grow. Now that things are pretty much dialed in, let’s grow!

Because we have plants in various stages of development, I am using a 18/6 light cycle, broken down to…

Grow guide for marijuana beginners.

Lights on : 6hrs Veg Spectrum : 6 hrs Full Spectrum* : 6hrs Veg Spectrum : Lights off

It took a few days to find the right distances for the Veg Spectrum & Full Spectrum settings, but now that we have growth is really picking up.

*For the Full Spectrum cycle, I am raising the light up an additional 6-8″, leaving it (the lamp in Full Spectrum) at the same height as the Veg Setting may be a bit too intense for young seedlings.

I can say that though the fans are a little loud on this model and that the 260 does run a bit warmer than the Pro-Grow 180, it is all worth it as I have removed all the CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs) from the Veg-Tent and that alone dropped the temperatures down about 8º to 10ºF. Average temperatures are around 76ºF and the plants are loving it!

Actually I do have one set of CFLs in there for visibility when I’m poking around and on those cold mornings (that we’re still getting). I figure why use a heater when I can heat with light!

Week 1 Begins

Our two Northern Light Autoflower seeds have sprouted (top right of pic) and now on their way to week 1 in their lives. Not much to look at right now, but let’s give them a little time!

The Veg-Tent

Jock Horror #1 and various seedlings & cuttings

That’s Jock #1 in the left side of the picture. While its counterpart Jock #2 is in the Bloom-Room, #1 remains in the Veg-Tent. Although light cycle is at 18/6, it seems she is trying her hardest to bloom (Picture below), so we’re giving her a little more time to see what happens. Beyond that her growth is tight & dense, I’m actually trying to get her to stretch out a bit by raising the light a little beyond peak distance.

Jock Horror #1

Looks like she's trying to flower under 18/6.

In other pots… Our in-house, conceived seeds are doing well. They seem to thrive under the Pro-Grow 260, beautiful lime green coloring with purple bleeding into the center of the young leaves.

The seeds from our last Blue Mystic have sprouted

Day 16, color & growth have picked up on the 2 Blue Mysteries, as they strongly exhibit in their Indica heritage.

More to follow soon! Keep the questions coming, we love the emails, or just comment below!