Breeder: DinaFem
 Haze Autoflower (V1)

Did it autoflower?:
Yes, with aggressive vigor! At day 17 from seed, the first pistils appeared. Within the next 10 days it went into a rapid burst of growth & blooming.

At day 17 our Dinafem Haze Auto begins to bloom.

What we used:

Fox Farm Ocean Forest, in a 3 gallon plastic, with 1 TBSP dolomite per gallon of soil.

General Organics “GO Box” At 50% of the recommended amounts during the first 4 weeks, then followed the chart for the remainder.

1 – Pro-Grow 260X LED grow light from Hydroponics Hut light. 18 on, 6 off.

From seed to harvest date:
The Haze Auto was started 2 weeks behind 3 Northern Light x Big Bud autos, as a contingency plant when one of the three NLxBBs failed to thrive.

Week 4 from seed

Early on she was the runt, though shortly after the start of bloom she did kick up to comparable size in comparison with the other 2 autos finally ceasing at a 15″ – 18″ bush, with lower branches reaching as tall as the top (like a menorah).

Week 5 Bloom
Week six of bloom, 9 from seed.

At late week 4 into 6 of bloom (7-9 from seed), she began to show potassium issues and subsequent weeks to harvest began to yellow her leaves and purple her buds. I was never able to bring back her deep green luster of her earlier weeks, but her this, dense trichome coated buds and colas showed no signs of issue.

Day 65 from seed…
9.2 weeks from seed – Harvest!

Dry Yield: 42 grams


Breeder’s Data:

We crossed plants selected from the Roadrunner strain with a JYD Haze, with the specific idea in mind of changing the characteristic taste of all the autoflowerings. The result is an improved autoflowering with a heavier yield, covered with resin from top to toe. It grows to about 100 cm in ideal conditions and produces impressive compact buds, totally aromatic and full of flowers, only in 80 days. It doesn’t have the effect of a sativa, although the levels of THC have increased, the levels of CBD remain high due to the autoflowering genetic pack.

From what i experienced, in its current rendition there have been improvements made to the strain, though the classic Haze headiness (Sativa) still isn’t there, the unique lemon/pine scent is now prevalent along with high CBD levels making for a wonderful strain with good medical potential.

Bag Appeal: 4 *
Big round bud nuggets, trichome covered with purple specs on the older calyxes. Stems are thick though.

Plant Growth: 4 *
Good growth, would like to get a little more size but that may or may not be strain specific, as I think in DWC/hydro these would excel.
Also – Plant scent & smell was minimal until very late bloom, making this strain a good stealth candidate.

Scent/Aroma: 4 *
Some people have stated issue with the unique scent, I have a hard time describing the aroma (which I personally like) but “lemon-lime/pine” is a good descriptor.

The Smoking Experience: 3.5 *
Good body, with neutral to a lightly aromatic finish. Not connoisseur flavors, but darn good.

Effects: 3.5 recreational, 4.5 medical
After an initial hit, the body/muscles releases tensions and can fall into a nicely relaxed state within a few minutes.
Even for a newer patient, I recommend a 2 toke minimum, the effects are mostly body, though a little headiness can creep in with repeated doses, it isn’t too overpowering.

High/Effect Duration: 3.5 *
It isn’t a long laster, half hour to 45 minutes tops and you feel the warm fuzziness begin to slip away, so if sleep is required, I’d mix in a good Indica to help prolong the relaxation, or for needing to stay motivated, mix a little early harvested Jack Herer.

Overall Rating: 3.75 *
Will I purchase/grow again? Yes
Do I recommend this strain? Yes