It’s not easy to come by primo Headband, but if you do, it truly is a Headbanger. Then again, what else would you expect from the cross between Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and Master Kush? Headband is very similar in nature to NYC Diesel, as it’s an uber-potent Hybrid with somewhat shady/convoluted genetics that is likewise often mislabeled or misnomered by collectives. If you pick up real deal Headband, it’ll be extremely sticky, with a mixture of a piney Kush smell and that gasolina Diesel stank. And it’ll look simply picturesque.



I’ve yet to procure or find a superlative strain of Headband on the West Coast. In New York City, there used to be some hearty and dank Headband going around the delivery service circuit. As its name suggests, this Headband will make your mind diverge to a very happy (and sometimes intense) place. It is not for the faint of lungs.

According to the always reliable strain exchange, 107 Dispensaries currently stock Headband on their shelves. But as I mentioned, you need to be even more aware than usual as to what you are actually buying. Since it’s such a dynamic and extraordinary strain, it’s very easy for growers to mess up. And a convenient trick for dispensaries to label a lesser strain with the title of Headband.

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