NORML set a goal of $4,200 for their annual 4/20 campaign. They’ve already raised nearly a grand and they should break the $4,200 mark (their set goal). $4.20 is a small price to pay for the legalization of Marijuana. It’s certainly well worth not having to worry about pat downs from cops and driving around with medicine in your car.

$4,200 is nice. But the worldwide cannabis movement is a vast one and we’d love it if this cause could reach $42,000 today! It would be an awesome, symbolic gesture of solidarity and strength by the community. Do your part and donate now. You’ll get free stickers and, if you donate $420, an awesome package that features an odorless backpack!

Sticky, sweet-smelling sublime bud!

If you need to be convinced, just read this 4/20 message from NORML’s Executive Director, Allen St. Pierre:

A day (and a time of day) that signifies the ever increasing cultural and commercial acceptance in America (and internationally) of millions of consumers’ and medical patients’ want and need for Cannabis Prohibition to end.

As in the previous twenty years, there is a fast growing acknowledgement that on April 20 … all things in America are cannabis-related in that major newspapers like the New York TimesWall Street Journaland Los Angeles Times now provide major coverage to this day’s significance; radio networks likeNational Public Radio deign to point their mics toward the issue of Cannabis Prohibition; and even major TV networks such as G4SpikeTVComedy Central and Showtime will all devote blocks of time to ’4/20? programming with the rebroadcast of ‘stoner movies’, comedy specials and documentaries.

Can you just imagine what the good folk at the DEA and the Drug Czar’s office think of this clear cultural defeat annually? One can almost be sympathetic on this day to them for their championing such a lost cause. Well, maybe for a nanosecond.

Happy 4/20. Celebrate wisely. And do your part to make legalization a reality.