Well – my fellow 420 enthusiasts, apparently we are neck deep in a week that seeks to educate and honor the much maligned plant – Hemp. The event known as “Hemp history week” was designed to help explain to the public at large, the history of Hemp in America. To hear the president of the nonprofit efficacy group explain it, one of the main purposes of this weeks focus on Hemp is to try and rejuvenate a better understanding of the hemp plant and how it can benefit the American farmers and the United States economy.

Back at the turn of the century when Henry Ford was just creating the model “T,” popular mechanics once hailed Americas hemp plant as the new billion-dollar crop. Well as it turns out, the would be billions of dollars that could have been generated  by U.S. hemp farmers, was for all intents and purposes rejected by United States government over their ignorance as to the difference between hemp and it’s not so distant cousin marijuana.

Anyone who has ever done any kind of research on the difference between the marijuana plant and the hemp plant knows, hemp cannot get you high. Yet, despite the fact that scientists have proven that Hemp carries absolutely no value for those who seeks an elevated mental condition and that there is absolutely no psychoactive ingredients for which the user may get high off of. The federal government has kept the American farmer from being allowed to grow this plant as an industrial crop.

Despite the fact that hemp has no ability to get one intoxicated — the federal government, in their infinite wisdom decided that the 1937 Tax ACT, which redefined hemp as an illegal narcotic and was later cultivated into the 1970s controlled substance act.

As the U.S. struggles for any sign of consistency regarding hemp in the United States, our current law absolutely allows for hemp importation from outside the United States yet banning our own farmers from benefiting from this wonderful crop. It is this type of mind numbing ignorance that has sparked the general unrest in the America public.