Grow guide for marijuana beginners.

99 Plants in Seven Days

Everybody wants to get to harvest quicker. Speed up the time it takes to grow. These simple cloning techniques will get you there.

By Greg Green

The Marijuana Explosion

No doubt about it, cannabis consciousness has seeped into every segment of the population.

By Jon Gettman

Seeds: The Beginning of the Bud

Learn the benefits of growing cannabis from seeds and the best ways to create your own marijuana strains.

By Kym Kemp

Inside The Cornbread Mafia

Back in the ’80s a group of good ol’ boys down in Kentucky grew multi-ton loads of high-quality indica.

By James Higdon

21 Hot Tips for Cool Growrooms

Don’t sweat it! You can survive high temps. Beat the heat this summer and harvest successfully.

By Danny Danko

HIGH TIMES Interview with Jamie Kennedy

The gifted stand-up comedian talks about his ascendance and getting high. Are they the same thing?

By Dan Skye