Do you want to know where to get the world’s best seeds to grow the world’s best pot? Are you sick of fly by night seed companies that take your money, don’t send seeds and hide behind PO Boxes and firewalls? Is it time for you to get the best genetics and stop wasting your time growing out bunk bagseeds and knockoffs?

Sticky, sweet-smelling sublime bud!

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Every two years since 2007, longtime HIGH TIMES Senior Cultivation Editor Danny Danko has added 10 companies to our esteemed list of Seed Banks, adding up to 30 of the best bud breeders in the world. Now they are all at your fingertips, compiled together all in one place in this easy to navigate site featuring each year’s new additions to this hallowed shrine.

Read about the pioneers and those pushing the limits of what a seed company can be and then order yourself some seed packs from trusted and reliable sources to start growing the strongest strains on Earth.