I know there are lots of kind folk in the churches, and there are intolerant closed minded pro war haters with robes in the churches too…BEWARE of them. They are dangerous to society.

I have been thinking about how the Bible speaks of folks living thousands of years old before the prohibs came along and enforced their warrior tendencies with their adam and eve God fearing prohibition and hate worship, reducing life span to a fraction of what it once was.

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Concerned about my mother’s ill health, I went to a church and spoke with someone cause I know there is a spiritual connection with cannabis and God and I was eager to get confirmation from someone in a church who thinks the same, cause I thought opened minded folks could be found there, and I had hoped they could speak to my mom before its too late.
Mom, her arthritis is making her joints in her fingers look crooked, and she seems far from happy in her life, and I was looking to find someone who could tell her its ok to try it.

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Well, the guy I talked to after hearing my beliefs said “I” am closed minded, maybe the guy is too young and wet behind his ears, I don’t know, and asked me to leave when I told him I only went there to ask that he try to talk my mom into trying it, and he said I was closed minded, and said he had things to do, so that was my cue to leave, he said he wouldn’t want to be damned to eternity for doing such a thing, after he admitted that God created cannabis too along with everything,,- that after he said that he respects my constitutional rights, and I reminded him that no one ever died on weed, and he said but it leads to other things, cause he know it does cause he goes to the hospitals and speaks to people who are dying all the time, and I asked him if he ever knew of anyone in the hospital dying on cannabis and cannabis alone and he could not say there was such a case, he said but it leads to other things and I said not with me, and he said do I drink alcohol, I said no, he asked if I smoke tobacco, I said no, frustrated, he asked if I eat food, I said yes, he said ah ha see some foods are bad for you, and I fail to see the connection of prohibition of the most wonderful plant in the world and people dying on hard drugs, so he is in denial of truth.
I know I wouldn’t want to be damned for eternity for having the basic keys of knowledge on immortality through Cannabis and refused to share that knowledge
Before I left I told him I hope one day he and everyone opens his eyes to the truth about cannabis, and then we will have wold peace..
Oh I also asked him if I could be allowed to become priest or some how affiliated with their church in a pro marijuana sort o way, and he said it isn’t up to him that people have calling from God, and well, I am disappointed.

Meanwhile idiot prohibs want to kill kill kill with their wars so stupid.