“If you’re a discerning African American, you know you’d want this kind of pot? Ladies, get your Marijuana Light!”

Grow guide for marijuana beginners.

The Shock Jock himself has officially joined Team Green. Yesterday, Howard and Robin Quivers were discussing their thoughts on both the recent billboard in Colorado and New York City’s unsuccessful attempts to legalize medicinal marijuana. While Howard may not smoke weed, he’s smart enough to know that it should be legal. Here’s a run down of the audio in case you couldn’t hear it.

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“Yeah why not… I wouldn’t care if it’s legal. It would be cool to see packages of marijuana. I’d like to see how they market it and where they market it. Like those classy booze ads, you’d see classy pot ads. Like upscale vodka there’d be upscale marijuana…You know, I’m not against the legalization of it, if people want to do it, who cares? It would cut down on crime, it would cut down on the cartels, Mexican importation, all that stuff. I don’t know, it seems to make sense to me.

Howard, as always, knows what’s up. America’s favorite racy voice of reason now joins the recent ranks of Richard Branson and Pat Robertson as an outspoken supporter of legalization.Those are three pretty big, influential names, and when they speak a lot of people pay attention.

In fact, one can argue Stern is a more powerful–and certainly more popular–man than President Obama. But can opinions from celebrities like Stern make a real, tangible difference in the War on Drugs?