The Good News and the not so good, we’ll start with the not so good…

Well, it has been over a week since germinating the 2 Northern Light Autoflower seeds… And sadly that’s about it, too. They sprouted just fine, but have not gotten beyond 3cm tall at best. I’m sprouting 2 more and if they fail to thrive as well, I’ll check in with the supplier. All the other seedlings & cuttings are thriving under the Pro-Grow 260 and current set-up.

Nirvana Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds

In an attempt at a miracle, and much to our surprise Blue Mystery Seedling #1 (the offspring of a self-pollenated Blue Mystic Autoflower, that never auto flowered), at day 21 of its life has declared female!!! I can only make a logical assumption that indeed, BMO #1 is in auto flower. Blue Mystery #2 still appears to be a “regular”, or “photoperiod” bloomer, as she (wishful thinking) shows no signs of gender declaration.

An auto-flower marijuana plant flowers at 21 days old.

Miracles Happen! Our offspring of a failed autoflower, flowers - At Day 21!

So upon that discovery, Jock Horror #1 was promoted to the Bloom-Room where I believe she’ll be in full swing bloom within a matter of days. Moving her opened space for the repotting of all the first round of cuttings & seedlings to go into full veg mode and lots of space for a 3 gallon smart-pot of fine soil & auto-flowering beauty.

The simplicity of a single, fairly compact lamp and ample power to properly illuminate a decent grow space  is why I love the Pro-Grow Line of LED grow lights. Just push one button and “BAM!” we go from the Vegetation Setting (all blue/white), to Full Spectrum. This allows for plants beyond the seedling stage, or in this case even a blooming, autoflower plant can all be raised side by side with one lamp. The 260’s lens angles enhance coverage/penetration ability and allows for plenty of space and zones between larger plants, and young seedlings.

Nirvana Seeds, Marijuana Seeds Straight from the Source!

Note – The younger seedlings and newer cuttings are moved about 6-8 inches further away from the lamp when switching to full spectrum, as the light emitted in full spectrum is nearly 3 fold the power of just the vegetation alone. It’s easy to over light those little ones.