Sometimes you come across a grow that just messes with you for what ever reason. I’d made a few attempts to get something going with the Hydroponics Hut PGX5-300… accidentally shipping the lamp back, then I got called out of state for few weeks due to family issues, this time around with the start of the new year, I think we’re ready to bust out some great indoor garden journals.

Marijuana grow tutorial for beginners.

I’m bringing two plants back from the brink of death, that were cuttings given away and subsequently neglected. Both plants are cuttings off of two different Nirvana Ice plants we ran in a test grow for Nirvana Seeds.

The Pro Grow LED (PGX5-300) from

Perfect for the smaller indoor garden – The Pro Grow LED (PGX5-300) from

It’s like C3-PO meets the indoor garden, the Pro Grow LED (PGX5-300) from is a state-of-the-art LED grow light. The NEW X series from Hydroponics Hut is a HUGE leap forward in what LED grow lights can do in terms of power AND efficiency. Even when running at half the power the spectral output can still out grow HID lamps at higher wattage.

Nirvana's Ice Marijuana Strain. Neglected & abused.

Two cuttings of Nirvana’s Ice Marijuana Strain, neglected & abused.

The two above plants are cuttings from 2 different plants of Nirvana’s Ice Marijuana strain,
that were given to a friend who (though they) wanted to learn to grow. Long story short, they were dying when I got them back.

We are using Nirvana Shop's own line of nutrient supplements!

We are using FLOWERTABS – Nirvana Shop’s own line of nutrient supplements!

I added Nirvana’s own “Flowertabs” as I’m going to bloom them out in 3-4 weeks, over their Soiltabs (for veg). I’ve used both with GREAT results!

Like a Gunshot blast!

Nirvana Shop's Root Xtender

Root Xtender from Nirvana, is an innovative mycorrhiza inoculant with added rhizo bacteria!

If you have NEVER tried utilizing Mycorrhiza in your soil (organic is best), try Nirvana’s Root Xtender and you’ll be impressed. For seedlings, rooted cuttings & transplants, the results are night & day!

Nirvana Shop's Marijuana strain "Ice" under the Pro Grow LED (PGX5-300) from

Nirvana Shop’s Marijuana strain “Ice” under the Pro Grow LED (PGX5-300) from

how to grow weed

The Nirvana "Ice" under the Pro Grow LED (PGX5-300) from

The Nirvana “Ice” under the Pro Grow LED (PGX5-300) from

Check back soon, as I will try my best not to be a flake & update this journal with videos & more pics…