Granted, I come to the pot party conversation late. I’ve never smoked the stuff – despite my mother’s undying belief that I must have been partaking during my high school days. What else, she must have thought, could have explained my love of Janis Joplin and giving her the stink-eye every time she asked me to clean my room? Although Joplin’s favourite substance appeared to be Southern Comfort.

While my high school friends developed close relationships with their very own “dealers,” I blithely thought the whole fad would just go away. Apparently not.

The Original Cash Crop: bushy, tasty, frosty!

Whenever we run a story with pot involved, marijuana liberators from around the world send emails decrying anti-pot laws.

Again, I thought the campaign for legal pot would die out. Again, apparently not.

Now we have former B.C. attorneys general asking the government to decriminalize pot.

And it’s not like these guys are all left-wingers. Although I don’t think there are any true conservatives in the bunch.

The former AGs basically argue for decriminalization in order to cut down on crime.

Gangs are fuelled by drug sales, and, by the AGs’ logic, if you legalize and regulate pot sales it will reduce the profit motive for gangs to get involved. And that in turn will reduce drug turf wars and shootings.

There’s some logic to that – although I’m sure the thugs will just diversify their holdings into more ecstacy or meth, or the next ugly habit-forming substance.

Proponents of legalizing and regulating pot argue that it will reduce cases in the justice system – although one suspects those cases will soon be replaced by more impaired driving cases and folks charged with selling it on the black market or to underage smokers.

Of course, the government will also get some much-needed dough by taxing pot sales, and heaven knows how many new jobs will be produced, not to mention the spin-off of advertising and branding, etc. etc. Who needs liquified gas when one has pot?

But what about higher medical costs and lost productivity?

Smoking pot can’t be good in the long term for one’s lungs, and surely, being stoned – however mildly – doesn’t translate into a more alert or aware population.

Do we really need another state-sanctioned numbing substance? And that’s not even including the plethora of things that drug companies push.

Perhaps we’re already past the point of no return on pot.

Perhaps we were when I was in high school – which was a long time ago.

And, perhaps, compared to alcohol, it’s a better choice of numbing agent. Perhaps, Janis Joplin would still be alive if she’d loved pot more than Southern Comfort.

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