Here is an excerpt from a well written article by Heather Auld obstetrician/gynecologist Physicians’ Primary Care of Southwest Florida.

This is a tricky question. Marijuana has been used as medicine for more than 3,000 years and only in recent decades has it been removed from our pharmacies. It has been widely used for pain, sedation, seizures and inflammation, and cramps. The American Medical Association supported the use of marijuana and its use in research but was voted down in 1942 by Congress, which favored the use of opioids and barbiturates instead.

Marijuana or cannabis contains more than 400 chemical compounds. The “high” is only from one component, THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). The other components decrease anxiety, boost the immune system, kill respiratory pathogens and increase cerebral blood flow. Our body actually contains an endogenous cannaboid system, which decreases inflammation, increases immunity, decreases pain, and increases appetite.

Smoking marijuana causes it to be rapidly absorbed, but it is also rapidly metabolized within 30 minutes. Orally administrated THC lasts about 20-30 hours. However, smoked or vaporized marijuana is superior for pain relief.

Opioids and narcotics seem to be inferior to marijuana for neuropathy or nerve pain. In studies marijuana was as … Read More »

I said it was well written, not stuff you didn’t already know 😉

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