Given that this may be Kobe Bean Bryant’s final chance at an NBA title (see: Kevin Durant and LeBron James), it’s a fitting time to honor the second-greatest pure scorer of all time. Ironically, out of all the players in the league, Kobe is definitely one that I’d label as a candidate for the “least likely to have ever smoked weed in his life” title. Kobe grew up in Italy (where the chronic is sparse) and then suburban Philadelphia (Lower Merion aint exactly flush with trees either). And since then, he’s been breaking ankles and white girls’ backs.

The Black Mamba is indeed a stone-cold killer on the court who takes himself a bit more seriously than someone who smokes weed does (both on and off the court). But, that said, these facts have of course not stopped medical marijuana dispensaries from dishing and swishing the Black Mamba to patients all across Southern California. And damn does it look almost as fine as Vanessa Bryant in her prime.

Nirvana Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds

The few times I’ve stumbled across Black Mamba, in dispensaries, it was middle shelf (at best) quality and did not look at all like these lush versions. I clearly didn’t buy it. So no, I’ve never smoked “Black Mamba” and while you can be certain its genetics are either fabricated or vary from collective to collective, it’s a fairly populous strain.

I suppose it makes sense it’s an Indica–Kobe is definitely cool under pressure. But there’s really nothing relaxed about him. There;s also clearly some Lakers purp in there. While we may not know exactly what Black Mamba is, we do know this: unlike Jeremy Lin, Kobe is cool with dispensaries making a dime off his chronic. That, or he just doesn’t care or know (and Black Mamba isn’t “trademarked.” It’s  found in 46 Dispensaries, so if you’re in LA, feel free to search for the more chilled out Black Mamba.

Like a Gunshot blast!

If you’ve smoked any Black Mamba–particularly a dank version–let us know in the comments where you got it from and what genetics you think it had.

Each day, will highlight a high quality strain of Medical Marijuana. In an effort to show you that strains can vary much based on the environment they’re grown and what seeds are used. If you have smoked today’s strain of cannabis before, let us know what you think of it in the comments and if it looked like this.