If you’re a Sativa kind of guy (or gal) then you should get acquainted with J1. While I’ve seen the cross between Jack Herer and Skunk #1 labelled as a Hybrid, it is definitely an extremely Sativa-dominant hybrid. J1 has that potent lemony zest/citrus punch that is present in all strong Sativas. When you open your medicine jar of J1, your sinuses will get unclogged rather quickly. And you’ll be met with these beautiful, triched out nugs.

J1 will give you a heady, energetic high. It’s kind of the West Coast’s answer to Sour Diesel–there really aren’t too many better Sativas that you can purchase at a collective than J1. If you’re trying to get a boost before a Friday night rage session, J1 is the ticket. If you’re looking to hit the sack early, you should avoid J1 at all costs.

As is constantly the case, make sure your J1 measures up to this profile. And be warned: getting to attached to J1 is an expensive habit. Running nearly $50 an eighth, it’s typically only a top shelf Sativa. According to the strain exchange, J1 can currently be had at 78 medical marijuana dispensaries.

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