Marijuana grow tutorial for beginners.


Pot’s Greatest Hits
Welcome to the wide world of stoner stats! Since the breadth of our community is staggering, we decided the first issue of 2012 would be an ideal time to lay down our choices for the most notable achievements in the marijuana world: the best, the worst, the biggest, the weirdest, and anything else that struck our ganja-enhanced fancy.


Colorado Champions
Last April at the HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup in Denver, a pair of dispensaries from the Rocky Mountain State took home the top three prizes for best pot. Here’s a look at how their gardens grow—as well as a cold, hard look at the state’s medical marijuana industry.


Czech Your Head
As the Dutch government threatens to regulate the country’s coffeeshops out of existence, people are debating what Europe’s next pot hotspot will be. HIGH TIMES says: Go east, young man! To Eastern Europe, that is. With its lax marijuana laws, legal seeds and tolerant attitude, the Czech Republic is the new stoner sanctuary.


Growing on the Grid for Bigger Yields
Maximizing marijuana harvests requires a full understanding of plant density, growth patterns and the proper utilization of your grow space. Canadian cultivation correspondent Erik Biksa goes behind the scenes to reveal the secrets to amplifying your crop.


20 Coolest Grow Gadgets Under $100
Grow equipment can be complicated and costly … but it doesn’t have to be! These days, everyone from the first-time grower to the advanced grow geek can find a piece of gear so compelling that they blow a month’s rent just to have it in their garden. So we decided to seek out some hot deals and came up with this list of 20 extra-sweet garden gadgets that won’t leave a dent in your bank account.




Harold Kumar get stoned with Santa Claus; Montel Williams, medical marijuana and money scams; Ghana’s leader gets rapped for ganja; Humboldt County’s hip hop crew Potluck; LA beatboys Fool’s Gold; Unsigned Band of the Month features Tatanka; DVD, music recommendations and more…


Australia looks to ring in the New Year by outlawing bongs; Mother of four receives 10 years for selling $31 of pot; Dutch supermodel Lara Stone on getting high in Holland.


The buzz to you each morning! Wake and bake, Dominican-style with a Caribbean breakfast of marijuana-infused mangu.


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Trans High Market Quotations reports pot prices by the ounce, strain, and location.


Forty years ago, Melanie Dreher, P.h.D, lived among the rural people of Jamaica and discovered that the use of cannabis in daily life was pervasive—and routine. THC discovered to be harmless; Kevin McKernan identifies and maps the entire genome of the pot plant.


Dear Danko
Marijuana growing questions answered by our senior cultivation editor.


Adventures in the Counterculture
Jonah Raskin’s activist credentials date back to the Yippies.


Almost Infamous
Bobby Black’s bachelor party roast was an herb-infused combo of hilarity and headbanging.


Drug testing students is an expensive waste and a violation of our children’s rights.

Grow Weed Easy!


Pix of the Crop
Reader-submitted photos of gardens, plants, growrooms and pot smoking still life scenes.