Speaking at the annual White House Correspondent’s Dinner, celebrity comedian and ABC’s late night television host Jimmy Kimmel made outspoken remarks about the government’s recent jihad against medical marijuana dispensaries. Kimmel did not shy away from criticizing President Obama, speaking directly to the president in a forward and honest manner.

“What is with the marijuana crackdown? Seriously, what is the concern? Will we deplete the nation’s Funyun supply? Pot smokers vote too. Sometimes a week after the election, but they vote.”

Kimmel, who’s show often incorporates cannabis, then asked the crowd to raise their hands if they have never smoked weed. One hand levitated.

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Kimmel, as all good comedians do, used common sense and a couple witty quips to both entertain the crowd, and more importantly, make a very valid and widespread belief that much harder for the President to keep ignoring. From the look on Obama’s face, there may be some skid marks on the underwear he wore last night.

If enough celebrities like Kimmel and Richard Branson keep peppering the president’s nonsensical, laissez-faire approach to dealing with dispensaries (as in, let the feds do what they deem appropriate), the tense situation is bound to change sooner rather than later. Perhaps, in all likelihood, after Obama is re-elected. Watch the full video, courtesy of the Huffington Post, below: