Heading into grow four-and-a-half, I realize that up till now each grow was an experiment at best. I will always be learning and looking to improve efficiencies, but I think I’m nailing down my ever evolving “style” of growing.

Previous set up:

Sticky, sweet-smelling sublime bud!
  • Space: Veg & bloom in one 36″ x 22″ x 5′ tent.
  • Lights: 1 – Pro-Grow 180 LED, 1 – Pro-Grow 90w, 1 – 90w GothamHydro LED, 8 x 23w CFLs
  • Medium(s): Soilless Hempy, 8gal Bubbleponics, Fox Farm soil in cloth pots.

Nearly complete set-up:

  • Space: Veg in 36″ x 22″ x 5′ tent | Bloom in 54″ x 35 1/2″ x 7′ tent
  • Lighting : Veg – Pro-Grow 180 LED & CFLs as necessary | Bloom – 600w digital, dimmable, air-cooled-tube HPS, on a light mover.
  • Medium(s): Coco Hempy, 8gal Bubbleponics, Fox Farm soil in cloth pots.

Medical Marijuana seedlings

Two Jock Horror Medical Marijuana seedlings at day #4


These are just past their first week... Jock Horror (possible autos)

Day 20 - Medical Cannabis seedlings under Pro-Grow LED grow lights

Day 28 and growing, JH #1 (left) has declared female.

Day 28 JH #1 (left) A very Indica like phenotype, with thick dense growth.

Day 28 - JH#2, Nirvana's Jock Horror - 2nd phenotype, more sativa like.

Day 33, Both Jocks are near to needing more lighting...

JH#1 - Day 33 of 18/6 lighting from seed

Medical Cannabis plant JH#2 branching out nicely. Should make for many tops!

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