Here are my personal favorites. 

Sticky, sweet-smelling sublime bud!

1. Breakfast Burrito – The breakfast burrito is efficient and spot on. There is little need for a container or even silverware. It is bacon, eggs, and cheese rolled into a big fat food joint. Word.

2. Salmon – AKA “what grizzly bears eat.” Yes it is expensive, but feeling like a grizzly bear is priceless. Salmon is also packed with Omega-3, which is good for your brains. Just beware of zombies staring at your head too long. 

3. Biscuits and Gravy – Biscuits and gravy is comfort food that goes great with naps. Sometimes seizing the day can wait, let’s get some biscuits and grab a pillow. 

4. Make-Your-Own-Omelets – Omelets are taco shells made of eggs, put whatever you want in there, spinach, tomatoes, ganja, pop rocks, thats on you freak.   

5. Banana Shake – Before downing a gallon and a half of coffee in the morning, I like to start my gut off with a nice base of bananas, ice, and milk zipped up in a blender. Simple, straight up, now I am ready for the day/afternoon/2027…. SSShhhh I have a time machine.