After April 20 (4/20), Halloween may be the most marijuana-friendly holiday, a day (and night) for wild unpredictability that goes hand-in-hand with the pot experience that welcomes encounters with the unknown. Not to mention all the tripped-out costumes to gawk at! But leave it to law enforcement to put a damper on the spooky season as the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept (LASD) is spreading the word to Southern California parents to be on the lookout for cannabis-laced candy – otherwise known as legal medical marijuana edibles sold at licensed dispensaries.

So, because certain patients prefer to intake their medication in candy form, somehow those clearly labeled products are going to wind up in the trick-or-treat bags of little Bobby dressed as Spider-Man and Susie in her mermaid costume. When first reviewing this story, we wondered if LASD had been watching that classic Halloween episode of retro TV series Freaks and Geeks in which the geeks were paranoid that “evil hippies” were passing out spiked candy to disrupt the upcoming (1980) election so that Ronald Reagan couldn’t become president.  

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But no, apparently they’re serious at LASD, as dept officials were joined by narcs at a press conference last week that openly displayed a collection of “medibles” seized from dispensaries that included candy, chocolate…and soda – which makes sense because everybody gives out cans of soda to kids at Halloween. No really, it’s a tradition… somewhere.     

The spurious warnings of LASD fall apart like a black spider’s thin gossamer web when examined with any degree of scrutiny. First of all, what patient wants to give away their marijuana edibles – candy or otherwise – to a bunch of kids? What’s the motivation? Unlike that chemical crap candy sold at Walmart, medi-pot candy isn’t cheap; one “lolli-pot sucker” can cost $5 or more. And when there have been actual stories of children erroneously consuming cannabis candy, it’s generally been a case of a child bringing his parents’ medibles to school and sharing them with classmates, not responsible adults passing them out to random trick-or-treaters ringing the doorbell.

And speaking of responsible parents, shouldn’t they be checking their kids’ Halloween booty for any sort of nefarious offering, not just pot candy? The bottom line is, the only reason there’s a “controversy” over kids consuming cannabis candy this year is because such fears are being stoked by a corporate-controlled media and law enforcement seeking to do any and all they can to discredit the momentum and success of medical marijuana in improving both personal health and local economies.

Finally, we’d like to wish all our loyal readers out there a safe and stony Halloween! Just don’t eat too much candy – whether it’s Willy Wonka or Willy Wonked-out.

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