As a lawmaker Rhode Island state Rep. Robert Watson of East Greenwich fought marijuana legalization and wrote laws with stiff penalties for possession of the plant.

But Watson was subject to contradiction when he was busted for possession of marijuana, not once, but twice. Now Watson has discovered that neither side of the argument respects a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

Like a Gunshot blast!

Rep. Robert Watson is due in court today after his second arrest for marijuana and paraphernalia possession in South Kingstown.

Police took Watson in custody after a snowplow driver reported a reckless driver, the impaired erratic motorist was Rep. Robert Watson.

Police found open and unopened beer containers along with a marijuana pipe and a bag of weed. But this wasn’t his first recent drug related arrest, Watson was also arrested back in April in East Haven, Connecticut for, that’s right, procession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

He is still awaiting trial on his April offense. For someone who fought and made laws against marijuana he sure like likes smoking the stuff.

He has been slammed by both those against marijuana legalization and the pro cannabis community.

His political peers are outraged calling his integrity in question, while not receiving much respect in the cannabis culture for his hypocritical actions by pro marijuana media like The Young Turks, Alex Jones and marijuana documentary WeedGeist.

Rep. Robert Watson is quickly becoming a symbol of what’s wrong in politics, and adds question to the integrity of lawmakers and politicians.

All this means to the marijuana movement is that even those who enforce laws against cannabis, tend to even use it themselves and will sell out laws for money.

Watson is awaiting court on both charges, no recent statements have been made on his behalf.

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