Focused lenses

Focused lenses diffuse light to broaden coverage and also concentrate it as well for intense penetration.

For the past week, I’ve been running a new light that utilizes 50 x 5 Watt, high output chip-sets. I’m not going to get into specifics of chip-sets and wattage, as still people argue wether “1 watt LEDs” are better than “3 watt 3 diode LEDs” vs “3 watt, single diode LEDs”… It never ends. I’ve used lamps with 1 watt LEDs, a mix of 1 and 3 watt LEDs, straight up 3 Watt LEDs, even HPS and have grown some mighty fine plants with all of them. A 5 watt chip-set should prove no different and could offer up some intense output.

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Out of the box the initial build quality of this lamp is quite fine. It’s definitely a “high end” lamp in every way, even in comparison to some of the very high quality LED lamps I use regularly.

In addition to the boosted 5 watt LED chip-sets, this lamp is also running focused convex lenses in an array of specifically selected angles. Convex lenses are nothing new, a few vendors have been using them for a while now and really talking them up. Enough time and trials have passed and most of the marketing hype has died down, so I thought it a good time to take a look at the benefits if any.

One of three fans cooling the 5 watt LED chips

One of 3 fans (and the largest) cooling our 5 watt LED grow light - Very Nice!!!

The lamp’s cooling set-up is very well done! There is a 3 fan system that utilizes one large fan in the center of the unit with two smaller fans on either side. Very logical, as the largest proportion of heat is concentrated towards the center: Larger fan = more airflow @ lower speed = quiet operation.

With the kind of light intensity that’s put out, the lamp runs warm but definitely not hot. With only a circulation fan in the tent, and with the ambient room temperature at 78°F, the warmest the interior of the tent gets is 84°F. I’m comfortable with that, as the canopy temp is actually much lower.

A close up of the lenses that intensify the 5 watt LED chips

With 5 watt LED chips, there are far fewer on the unit (50 x 5 watt) but their size with the lenses look impressive.

From the moment I first turned it on, I had a feeling this lamp will really be different in terms of sheer usable light output/per watt. Thus I’m starting the lamp  (full spectra) at 20 inches above the plant tops for the first few days and from there, will gauge wether or not to reposition the height.

The Original Cash Crop: bushy, tasty, frosty!

The LED grow light running both spectra.

At full spectra the 50 x 5 watt LEDs are quite saturating

LED grow light running the bloom spectra only.

'Bloom Spectra" the 5 watt LEDs have intense output.

LED grow light running the bloom spectra only.

Even in 'Veg Spectra' mode light coverage is amazing

The light emitted by these 5 watt LEDs can be “felt” from several inches away. With eyes closed, if you ran your hand within 8 inches or so under lamp, you would definitely be able to feel the light. Very cool! Once you get past 12 – 14 inches the differing spectra all seem to blend together.

LED grow light with new 5 watt chips

An approximation of the full spectra LED lighting by the human eye (well my eye anyway).

The Original Cash Crop: bushy, tasty, frosty!

Oh, before anyone razzes me about the haggard appearance of these 3 Bubblelicious cuttings, I meant to do it! Actually, I just transplanted them from 16 oz plastic cups where they have resided since early March of this year into one gallon pots. I will most likely move them into 3 gallon smartpots prior to going 12/12. The 3 cuttings were nearly 16 inch tall in 16 oz plastic cups… This helped to keep their profile thin, this phenotype tends to get very wide, but I am hoping to train them to be slightly tall-ish plants as well, to test for depth/penetration of what these  5 watt LEDs can do.

Lets give it a week and see how it goes!

Actually we didn’t even need a week, the plants responded noticeably, within a day… The 3 Bubblelicious really perked up the first day. I decided to toss in a White Widow mother to nurse back to health, and possibly bloom along with the Bubblelicious.

Loving the LED lighting!

In a matter of days, this White Widow's growth has been explosive!