From week one of bloom for our LED grow light review of the Pro Grow 750 LED from

We are into the first week of blooming. Normally after reducing the light cycle to 12 hrs on, 12 hr off, it can take up to 14 days before the plants trigger into budding an show signs of floral growth. I am very impressed at how fast the plants have set into flowering under the Pro-Grow 750 LED grow light.

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Week 1 of bloom under the Pro-Grow 750 LED

Week 1 of bloom under the Pro-Grow 750 LED

The Kaya Gold is filling in nicely. I recently trimmed a lot of the undergrowth that didn’t stretch upwards. the branches that did are set to turn into some really nice colas in coming weeks.

The Critical SensiStar x Jock horror Hybrid is really pushing the limits in terms of lankiness & stretching… She’s seems to have slowed her vertical growth and is now filling the long node spaces with little buds.

Nirvana’s Jock Horror is flower producing workhorse, tight node spacing and dense vertical branching make Jock a great producer of medical quality buds, this phenotype is no exception.

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