The Pro-Grow 750

This officially kicks off our latest grow test.

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I was very fortunate to get my hands on a test model Pro-Grow 750 LED grow light from Hydrpoonics hut.

This LED grow light is being touted as a unit for “Commercial environments”. That’s a big statement, but from the moment you open the box (the very large box) you’ll begin to understand what is meant. This thing is huge! (insert thats what she said joke here)… at about 30 pounds the unit comes with 6 brass mounts an dome heavy-duty threaded clasps

The physical Dimensions are 34¨ Length x 13¨ Depth x 3¨ Height (86 cm x 33 x 7.6 cm)

In comparison to the Pro-Grow 400X which uses X-lenses, the 750 utilizes standard type focused lenses & 3 watt LED chipsets

There are  a total of 10… yes ten cooling fans, which run at very low decibels

  • Power Consumption: 750w (full illumination mode)
  • Complete, saturated light coverage for any 5′ x 5′ environment.
  • MCPCB (Metal Core Printed Circuit Board) for the best heat dissapation possible.
  • New cooling design allows for less db during operation. Whisper quiet performance for the unit size.


Jock Horror from Nirvana Seeds

Jock Horror from Nirvana Seeds

Jock Horror from Nirvana Seeds

Jock Horror from Nirvana Seeds

First Impressions… WOW!!!

Jock Horror (Nirvana Seeds)  under the Pro-Grow 750 LED grow light

Jock Horror (Nirvana Seeds) under the Pro-Grow 750 LED grow light

This grow light is massive! Close to 30 pounds, 34 inches wide by 13 inches deep. I lost count at about 480 but the unit houses 576,  3 watt LEDs and 10 cooling fans.

Notes since the video –

Like a Gunshot blast!

Day 7 of bloom, Jock Horror under Pro-Grow 750 LED

Day 7 of bloom, Jock Horror under Pro-Grow 750 LED

The Jock Horror, for only 7 days at 12/12 and 2 weeks or so under the 750 is in full bloom and is now wide as the tent. I snapped her main branch (containing 50% of the plants total branches) trying to tie it back this morning. Several wraps of duct tape and fingers are crossed.

The other 2 plants have now been added to the tent, bringing it to full capacity.

One thing about this lamp is you will need good air movement/ventilation of some kind, or possibly ventilation & cooling (air conditioner) if you are running additional equipment. This is a big gun lamp and will make a tent hot and it warms 12′ x 8′ room overall about 8º – 10º

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