2015 Full H.O. COB EDITION – From hydroponicshut.com

I was so excited to get the PG 750 up and running, I didn’t realize I was still in my jimjams….

The Must Try legend.

Pro Grow 750 LED Grow Light

Hydroponics Hut’s previous PG 750 model.

This is a new live near real-time grow journal, reviewing the Pro Grow 750 LED grow light. There are two previous “Pro Grow 750” journals, but keep your eyes on this one… Hydroponics Hut has released an all new version and we going to put it to the test.

“All New” has come to mean so little these days, so it’s an exceptionally rare surprise when you open a box and grin ear to ear in excitement. The previous PG 750 was a true “commercial grade” workhorse, with over 570, 3 watt LEDs and it was capable of cranking pounds per year out of a 20-25sq. ft. area, and the all new PG 750 looks to make great stride improvements over its predecessor.

2015 Pro Grow 750 LED grow light

Hydroponics Hut’s 2015 Pro Grow 750 LED grow light

Until now, I’ve found “square housing” LED grow lights worked best for, what else, square grow areas and the wider more rectangle shaped lamps worked best in rectangle shaped areas. This model changes that. Saturation and corner to corner coverage is solid in all directions, running just the “6” Veg/Flowering spectra LEDs.

Pro Grow 750 LED Grow Light

In living color: Nirvana’s Jock Horror (left) & Kaya Gold (center) + Our in-house Critical-Sensi-Jock hybrid.

We just got done with a Pro Grow X5-600 test grow in the same tent and harvested over a half pound in just over 90 days, I expect no less from the PG 750.

Pro Grow 750 LED Grow Light

Pro Grow 750 LED Grow Light: Veg-Bloom Spectra On!

Check back in a few days, we’ll have the Pro-Grow 750 Week 1 Veg wrap-up! Be sure to follow us on Youtube, Facebook, etc…